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Marketing Team

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The genuine interest, compassion and thoughtfulness toward others is a common thread amongst Inverness Village residents, families, associates, management and Board members.

Jessica Page

Director of Sales & Marketing

“My life has been enriched during my tenure at Inverness Village. It is gratifying to be in a career where I can have a part in taking the worries and stresses out of a person’s life and see residents who have made the choice to move to Inverness Village live a lifestyle that is full of happiness and wellness. At the end of the day, I feel great success and passion for what I do.”



Stephanie Schellhorn

Retirement Counselor

“Our goal is to provide the most outstanding service possible, and we fulfill residents’ desires every day with respect and personalized attention. I come to Inverness Village every day with a smile on my face and a sense of pride. My joy comes from seeing other people joyful, and here at Inverness Village, we have that in abundance. I’ve learned that retirement is actually a new chapter of happiness.”



Greg Hughey

Health Services Relationship Manager

“Being a key factor in the process of transitioning residents seeking health care to a more enhanced and full-filled life has done wonders for me, not only in my professional life but also in my personal one as well. Joining the marketing team has only enriched my passion for helping others and has helped me understand the true meaning of community."




Mackenzie Furgason

Marketing/Move-In Coordinator