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A Servant's Heart

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Inverness was built with a purpose: to provide the opportunity for people looking for more than just a place to “retire," but rather a place to continue their dreams, learn new talents, rediscover old friends, and create an atmosphere of opportunity and value.

Dottie Smith is in her element when she’s helping others and truly has a servant's heart. When she became ill and was no longer able to fill her heart with service, she spoke to the Heather Hall associates caring for her and said, “You make me well and I will volunteer for you!” 

True to her word, Dottie persevered and followed through and is now a valuable fixture in Heather Hall. Dottie volunteers each week doing various duties such as delivering mail to residents, accompanying residents on walks around the community, helping decorate for the holidays and lending a helping hand for daily tasks.

Kelli Campbell, Heather Hall HealthAbility Coordinator, says “Dottie is a blessing. Her serving heart lets me provide more events and opportunities to the residents of Heather Hall."