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Volunteers' Efforts Brighten Residents' Days

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Doreen Sigle & Dollie Borden

In 2012, a group of Inverness Village residents began volunteering twice a week at the Heather Hall Memory Support Center, taking residents on strolls around the pond, the gardens, and  throughout the campus. Soon, they expanded their efforts to leading exercise classes and sing-a-longs and lending a hand during resident events at Memory Support.

They had no idea what a tremendous - and individual - impact their efforts would have.

Dollie, a resident in the Memory Support Center, would often sit quietly in her chair during activities and programs. ALthough she was agreeable and pleasant, she preferred to keep to herself, and did not often seem to enjoy herself during these events.

Not long after the volunteers began their efforts, associates noticed a dramatic change in Dollie's demeanor. Although she has lost her ability to communicate verbally, when the volunteers showed up, people noticed that Dollie would perk up and smile more. Today, she enjoys the volleyball games, strolling around campus, and doing the one-on-one activities with the volunteers.

Dollie may not be able to tell us how much she enjoys the volunteers, but it is definitely communicated through her actions. She lights up when they enter the Memory Support neighborhood.  

Dollie has found success and increased well-being through the compassion and dedication of our Inverness Village volunteers.