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Heather Hall’s New Dynamo

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Transitioning from residential living is a difficult – and very emotional – move. Change is always challenging, even more so when it involves a new home and a concern that you will be losing the independence and routines you cherish.

In August, 2012, Clara Smith found herself in just that situation when it became clear that moving to Inverness Village’s Heather Hall neighborhood would give her the support she needed to live a fuller life.

At first, Clara struggled to embrace her new surroundings. But Heather Hall’s staff members don’t give up easily, and they continued to encourage Clara to stay involved in Inverness Village’s events – and to try out the wellness and social events in Heather Hall, too.

Further, in the past year Inverness Village associates and residents have embraced Planetree, a philosophy of service organization designed around honoring residents’ preferred routines and desires.

Within a few months, staff members realized that Clara had become more involved and animated – using “we” and “our” when she spoke about her involvement with her community. Today, Clara not only involves herself in events, but invites others. She looks for ways to make other residents feel more comfortable and welcome, whether by sitting with someone who would otherwise be sitting alone, patting the hand of a resident who is down or inviting a new resident to watch a movie.

Though there are things she cannot currently do physically, that does not stop Clara. Rather than focusing on herself and what she might not be able to do, Clara has focused on her community and growing friendships. Recently, Clara took a major leap when she joined our swim program. She had a tremendous time and has made a commitment to continue.

These days, Clara is anxious to tell you about life in Heather Hall. And we’re so happy she is with us!