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Where There Is a Will There Is a Way

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Lucy Saeger

Lucy Saeger is truly dynamic in every sense of the word. From singing, learning to play the guitar, composing music and lyrics, writing memoirs, fiction and poems, and stained glass, she does it all.

Lucy, a former clinical social worker and psychotherapist, is an inspiration to say the least.  Although a medical setback caused her to move from residential living to Heather Hall, Lucy energy and spirit remain the same, and she continutes to show determination in everything she does. During her care transition, she lost her husband. “This could have been a real tipping point in her recovery, but Lucy was determined to improve her health and press on," says Steven Walkingstick, Associate Executive Director.

Lucy inspires the staff and the residents of Inverness Village with her can-do attitude. She just recently received honors at the 2nd annual Inverness Talent Show with her musical performance, and was the recipient of the True Grit award at the Silver Sneaker Awards Banquet. She humbly takes on new challenges and creates opportunities to master her craft and shape her mind.