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Wellness & More Makes Winter Warmer

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Vibrant Senior Retirement Community at Tulsa's Inverness Village

Winter is a time when the benefits of a continuing care retirement community hit home the most. You'll find fitness classes, events, clubs and friends just outside your door, transportation, health care services and above all, no winter chores. Take a look at winter wellness at Inverness Village, Tulsa's premier retirement community.

To attend a class or learn about other events, please contact our marketing team!

Cognitive Cardio

  • Advertised as a workout for your body and brain, this class features exercises to sharpen mental focus, processing speed and improve memory – so you can keep all of your holiday tasks organized, no doubt!  The class’s cardio focus bows to the undisputed fact that the best possible exercise for your brain is physical. Researchers point to many reasons that exercise is key to brain health; it increases blood flow and nourishment to the brain; promotes the production of new neurons; and, was recently linked to improved white matter – which conducts nerve impulses between the brain’s neurons.


  • A fitness celebration held in December – six months before the community’s annual Senior Fitness Tests – FitMas focuses on maintaining weight through the tempting holiday season, as well as celebrating wellness progress made during the year and setting goals for year-round good health. “The concept of FitMas is to take the stress of off those trying to lose weight during this cookie-, cakes-, and party-ridden time of year, and keep the focus on maintaining and not gaining through the holiday season,” says Jana Headrick, Director of Wellness for Inverness.

Stress Buster

  • This class focuses on improving mood and increasing energy through stress-busting exercises that emphasize continuous movement, strengthening and lengthening postural muscles, guided imagery, and deep breathing.

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