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Letting Your Creative Juices Flow

Throughout Don Henderson’s life, art has functioned as a life line, offering time to reflect, lose himself in the creative process and feel at peace. Most of the time, that is.

“Painting is a bit like golfing,” he jokes. “Some days you go out there and it’s just wonderful and then the next...

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7 Steps to a Smooth Move - and Smoother Retirement

At some point, most of us face the prospect of a home filled with items - and space - we no longer need. If tackling a move is an obstacle to achieving your retirement vision, let these seven steps be your blueprint for getting there.

  1. Make a must-have list of 10 items that have the most...
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Moving Assistance Sends Hassles Packing

Even if the prospect of a new home, new adventures and new friendships is exciting, the actual moving process can be a challenge. But moving to Inverness Village is not something you go through alone. 

If you keep the goal in sight, moving just comes down to the basics and can be mentally...

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Doreen Sigle Is Leading Age Oklahoma’s 2012 Resident Volunteer of the Year

Doreen Sigle describes her life at Inverness Village as “blessed” when she explains the transformation she underwent after joining the community. But, in return, Inverness has been blessed by Doreen, thanks to her incredible commitment as a volunteer. Her time and her can-do spirit turned our 2011...

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Inverness Donates Over $10,000 to Alzheimer’s Walk

Inverness Village is proud to announce that it met its goal to raise over $10,000 to benefit the 2011 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The community was represented by 135 walkers made up of residents, associates and family and donated $10,165 to the event.

As part of its fundraising efforts, the...

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