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Partnering for a Better Community

Maintaining strong alliances with local businesses and organizations.

As a leading expert in aging services, Inverness Village is committed to expanding resources for seniors and their families to help them live better, more purposeful lives. To achieve this goal, we have developed local and national partnerships that focus on education and advocacy as well as giving back to the community. As a not-for-profit, Inverness Village places high value on stewardship and service to the local community.

Inverness Village is proud to partner with the following organizations to help improve the lives of our residents and those in the greater Tulsa community.

Rotary Club of Tulsa

Inverness Village residents and associates have a strong history of working with the Rotary Club of Tulsa. Founding Board Members of Inverness Village have maintained strong ties with the Rotary Club since before the community opened in 2003. Active Inverness residents, as well as the community’s leadership team, continue to build a lasting relationship with the Tulsa Rotary.

Tulsa and Sapulpa United Way

Inverness Village has a long tradition of working closely with the United Way chapters of both Tulsa and Sapulpa. Every year, residents volunteer to go out into the community to work on many projects that benefit residents of both cities and the surrounding areas.

Oral Roberts University

Oral Roberts School of Nursing has a strong partnership with Inverness Village. Every year, the University provides the Inverness community with eight to 10 future nurses who complete their preceptorship for various nursing programs within the ORU School. There are also scholarship programs for nurse’s aides who work within Heather Hall at Inverness Village for future certificate advancements.

The University of Oklahoma

Inverness Village has had the honor of partnering with OU-Tulsa Medical on two research projects. This partnership is crucial to increasing knowledge about providing better services and resources that maximize the success and potential of Inverness community residents. These studies advance the understanding of aging, and how strength training benefits seniors by helping prevent mobility challenges.

Oklahoma State University

Inverness Village has a strong partnership with OSU for many internship opportunities. This program emphasizes training the next generation of leaders to serve the aging, and transferring that knowledge from the classroom to the workplace. The internships explore many of the career paths that have evolved and continue to develop in support of America’s aging population.

The American Heart Association

Inverness Village is a two-time recipient of The American Heart Association’s START award, a Fit-Friendly Gold Award given to employers who champion employee health and work to create a culture of physical activity and well-being in the workplace. The Inverness Village Wellness Director is a part of the association’s speaker’s bureau, and provides learning sessions for local business and community groups on the topics of successful aging and healthy lifestyles.

LeadingAge Oklahoma

LeadingAge Oklahoma (formerly OKAHSA - The Oklahoma Association of Services for the Aging) represents its members’ expectations to be forward-thinking in shaping the future of the long-term care profession and expanding the world of possibilities for aging. Inverness Village works together with LeadingAge on innovative practices that transform how we care for the aging, cutting-edge initiatives to develop services that meet the needs and preferences of older adults, and advocacy efforts to advance the interests of the aging consumer. Inverness Village Executive Director is a member of LeadingAge.

Life Senior Services

Since 1973, LIFE Senior Services has helped older adults and their families by providing information, education and services that encourage continued independence, quality of life, and dignity.

Alzheimer's Association

At Inverness Village, our focus on well-being also extends to working with the Alzheimer’s Association. Through this partnership, we work to educate staff on caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease, communicate with family members, and recognize symptoms. We work to educate residents on spousal support, dealing with grief, and slowing the onset of memory loss. Every year, hundreds of residents and employees at Inverness Village walk to raise money for research to eliminate this disease.

The Freedom School

Residents of Inverness Village work with four local elementary schools that make up the The Freedom School organization. These residents work annually with the schools, providing one-on-one reading help to students. This special attention to student learning is just one of the many benefits provided by Inverness community volunteers.

Catholic Charities

Every year, Inverness Village participates in a community-wide food drive that supports the Catholic Charities of Tulsa. This charity provides food for 60,000 people in the greater Tulsa area.

The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma

With Inverness Village’s focus on sustainability, lifelong development for residents and implementation of purposeful programming, partnering with the Nature Conservancy was a natural fit. The Nature Conservancy’s priorities, which focus on moving conservation to the world stage, are accomplished by cultivating relationships within the Tulsa community. This partnership provides Inverness residents with intellectual and developmental programs such as nature walks and identification presentations of birds, wildflowers, fish, and trees.  From a sustainability perspective, the Nature Conservancy has guided Inverness Village and educated community residents on topics such as improved pond management, which in turn led to a wildly successful fishing tournament!

Inverness Village continues to work together with the Nature Conservancy to leave a sustainable world for future generations.